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The Starter Skincare Set for Teens

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Imagine all your besties in one place at the same time!  That’s what we feel The Starter Skincare Set for Teens is like.

The set contains:

SKWEEZ Gentle Exfoliating Face Wash 100ml

Containing a bio-friendly exfoliant, this face wash cleanser is gentle and effective whilst also visibly brightening and softening skin.  The skin barrier is protected in order for it to stay moisturised.

SKWIRT Hydrating and Exfoliating Facial and Body Toning Spray 100 ml

A hydrating, exfoliating toning spray that helps clarify and refresh the appearance of skin. This innovative sap can be used as a toner or on its own. Mom may use this on the quiet because our ingredient combination can also help to reduce fine lines and even out skin tone. 

SKWISH Hydrating Moisturiser 100 ml

An easy to use, fast to absorb, protective and hydrating moisturiser packed with non-greasy nutritious oils for teen skin, combined with heavyweight antioxidants that feels as light as a soufflé.  Gentle yet effective ingredients protect skin, increase its barrier function and improve hydration.

SKRAPE Nourishing Face Mask & Shaving Cream 100 ml

A revolutionary dual-function mask packed full of vitamin-rich ingredients.  It can be used as a shaving cream or a face mask.  Whichever way it is used, it hydrates and protects skin.

SKWAD Toiletry Bag For Teenage Girls and Boys

Our stylish yet practical toiletry bag is made from recycled grey RPET canvas (one of the most sustainable, recyclable and circular materials) and a recycled white waterproof polyester lining with inside pocket.

The Starter Skincare Set for Teens
The Starter Skincare Set for Teens Sale price£90.00 Regular price£101.96