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Our Story

SKWAD was founded by Elise Kandrac, a mother of 3 teenagers.
She saw that how her children perceived they looked was more important than their actual accomplishments and the impact of this on their confidence was overwhelming.
Finding products that worked for her daughter without causing long term detrimental effects to young skin was difficult but finding products for her son became more of a challenge because most were not geared towards boys. Then she thought, why do these products need to be gender specific?
It was not until years after being a teen herself, that she learned drying out your skin is not the most effective way to combat spots. Most teenage focused products did just that, dry out skin rather than nourish and protect young skin. Therefore, she started working with an award winning formulator who confirmed her theory and together they worked to create a bespoke range focusing on quick, effective skincare with sustainability and the environment as factors at the forefront of both ingredients and packaging decisions.  
Whilst Elise currently lives in the UK with her family, she has strong family connections to Hawaii.  The values of Hawaii, which Elise and her family live by have strongly influenced the SKWAD brand. To find out more about Hawaiian values see “Our Mission”
Our packaging and ingredients have been chosen by a mother and a scientist with our planet in mind. We all have to do our part to save our environment. To take care of ourselves, we also need to take care of our planet. All our marine-safe formulations are bespoke.  We have handpicked some of the most innovative ingredients using ground breaking technology such as recycled raw ingredients to ensure sustainability.