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Our Mission

Ua Mau ke Ea o ka aina i ka Pono
The life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness.
This is the motto for the State of Hawaii.  It was first spoken by King Kamehameha III when Hawaii’s sovereignty was returned by Britain in 1843.  We each have a responsibility to take care of our planet.
Proverbs of Hawaii are wise words that are still relevant today.  Since there was no written language in ancient Hawaii, chants and prayers were part of most activities to teach children the ways of aloha and how to bring about well being and balance to their communities.  This is why SKWAD has chosen 5 Hawaiian concepts to follow in its mission to provide teens with simple, gender neutral products that actually work.  
Alohamost often used as a greeting or parting phrase to create an atmosphere of friendliness and love.  
Create a gentle, simple skincare regime for teenagers that works using handpicked ingredients.
Ohana, means family. No matter how distantly ancient Hawaiians were related, they recognized that they all came from the same root and thus were all part of the same family.
We’ve got your back (and your chest) when it comes to fighting spots.

Pono, which generally translates to righteousness but ‘living pono
means living with a conscious decision to do the right thing in terms of self, others, and the environment.
Use innovation and technology to be our best self.

Aina, means land. Life in Hawaii is lived outdoors and Native Hawaiians see their identities and wellbeing entwined with the land, so respecting it and living in it are of the utmost importance

Be sustainable and as eco friendly as possible.

Mana, generally translates to power but not in a material way.  It is a life energy that flows through all things and is highly individual: you have a chance to gain or lose mana in everything you do.


Put your best face forward to take back control of your skin so you can be the most confident you can be.