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Are your products tested on animals?

NO! We don’t test our products on animals.  Our products are manufactured in a top class Italian facility. Since 2009, within the EU, it has been illegal to test on not only the finished product but also any part of the supply chain, therefore none of our ingredients are tested on animals either.

What does marine-safe formulation mean?

We worked with an award winning formulator to ensure that none of the ingredients we use would damage the ocean and marine life in any way once it entered the waste water system.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all of our products are vegan.

Can I try a sample of your products?

At the moment, as we are a small company, it isn’t currently possible for us to do samples. We are looking into this though.

Can I recycle SKWAD product bottles?

SKWAD product bottles are made of aluminium – we chose this material as it is widely recyclable. The pumps are made of a mix of materials and therefore not recyclable – we are working with our suppliers to identify a fully recyclable pump but the caps are recyclable.

What are your skateboard stickers made of?

The skateboard stickers in your product delivery are made of a 100% biodegradable film.

What is the shelf life of SKWAD products?

On the bottle you will find a PAO symbol (Period-after-Opening) – it looks like an open jar with a number followed by M eg 6M. This shows the useful lifetime of a skincare product after its package has been opened for the first time. 6M for example means the product should be used withing 6 months of opening it.

You talk about ‘upcycled’ ingredients. What does that mean?

Waste doesn’t always equal crap, this has become a revolutionary method to turn waste into an active ingredient.  Some of our products have used ‘upcycled’ plant based leftovers from the food and drink production industry as ingredients. For example, we use a blueberry oil which is a cruelty-free, unrefined vegan by-product of fruit juice production, which would have otherwise gone to waste.   Please note that we only use these by-products, if they have a proven skincare benefit.

How are your products sustainable?

Like many brands, we sought to use sustainable materials when designing our packaging, but the beauty industry has a massive agricultural impact on natural ingredients.  We are taking SKWAD’s sustainability a step further and looking for ways to take what a natural ingredient has to offer and bioengineer it into a more effective/ efficient form of itself wherever possible.  Working with trusted suppliers with transparent supply chains, these bioengineered ingredients allow us to use less of a bio-active ingredient with more effect, which makes it more sustainable for the planet.  We are always researching new technologies and ingredients that can provide teen skin with effective active ingredients to protect on a daily basis that won’t compromise the long-term health of their skin.

Why do you not sell a sunscreen?

Using sunscreen is hugely important and we recommend that you always use one.  We haven’t been able to find an active sunscreen ingredient that we are satisfied is completely marine-safe and safe in protecting our skin from UV rays. We will continue our search but at the moment we didn’t feel we could launch one ourselves.

Where can I find how to use your products?

SKWAD believes in arming you with what is best for your skin.  Educating and informing you about ingredients and things to do or avoid is the easiest way for us to do this.  We are working on lots of videos - check us out on Instagram @skwadteenskin but until we are done, check out our How to Use page .  We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so please email us at or send us a DM on social media.

How will be my products be delivered?

We give you a few options for how your products can be delivered. Your options will depend on where you are having them shipped to.  Go to our delivery and returns page for more information.

Do you deliver internationally?

We currently deliver to the UK, EU and US.  If your destination is not one of those, please email us and we will work with our logistics team to see if we can ship to you.  Please note that some international orders are subject to extra costs not included that we are unable to assist with or advise on.  Further information can be found on our Delivery and Returns page.

How will my delivery be packaged?

Admit it, we all love to get something in the post!  Some of our SKWAD have sent us videos of them opening their packages – we LOVE seeing them and sharing them with you!  On the serious side of packaging, secondary packaging is something we thought long and hard about when designing our packaging because it often creates a lot of excess waste.  We didn’t want to create unnecessary boxes that just get thrown out as soon as you open the products.  Which is why we will put your products directly into a recyclable box using recycled paper to protect the products.  Don’t forget about the cool biodegradable skateboard sticker that comes with each order.

What is your return and exchange policy?

We apologise, if for some reason you are not happy with your order.  You may return products within 14 days of receipt provided the product is unopened, unused and in a saleable condition with all packaging intact.  Please see our Delivery and Returns page for further information.