Why you need to take extra care of your skin in winter

Winter Skin

Colder air, low humidity and central heating means that air is drier and that has an impact on our skin.  Going from lower temperatures outside to warmer temperatures inside can also have an effect on the microcirculation of the skin (that’s the tiny blood  vessels on the surface of our skin) which is why we often have rosy cheeks at this time of year!

Tips for healthy skin this winter

Keeping the skin clean by cleansing morning and evening but be kind to your skin! Use these tips to look after it the best possible way:

  • use warm water, not too hot and not too cold as that can irritate the skin
  • don’t scrub! wash either with your hands or a gentle flannel
  • pat skin dry with a towel.

SKWEEZ is a gentle cleanser that helps to protect your skin barrier in order for it to stay moisturised.  For a deeper cleanse, using SKRAPE as a mask is a perfect choice to protect and hydrate your skin. With ingredients such as Hawaiian Sea Silt Bioferment, a fermented extract of sea silt native to the Hawaiian coast, this product incorporates silt that is rich in red clay and essential minerals, including iron and sodium to revitalise and replenish skin while boosting overall hydration.

After cleansing, a bit of gentle exfoliation helps at this time of year – a spritz of SKWIRT, our toning Sap morning and evening on cleansed skin will ensure there isn’t a build-up of dead or dry skin cells on the skin surface as it contains Lactic Acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid that is a gentle chemical exfoliator and will keep skin refreshed and purified.  Either spritz directly onto skin or apply to a cotton pad and sweep over skin.

The final stage in our winter skin routine is to protect the skin from the elements – the air is drier in winter generally and here in the UK, it can get pretty nippy in the winter months. So whether you are just out and about, or doing more extreme sports in the snow, moisturising the skin surface with SKWISH morning and evening is key – this handy bottle is easy to put in your bag so you can apply it as much as you need throughout the day.   Don’t forget, that whatever the weather, you need to wear an SPF every day, even in winter! 

Keeping your skin healthy and happy means you will feel the same 

We would love to see how you use SKWAD this winter … keep in touch!