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Article: Good Habits Lead to Great Skin

Good Habits Lead to Great Skin

Good Habits Lead to Great Skin

A good skincare routine will save time in the long run ...
Yep, I know, you have places to go and tik toks to create, but wait a minute .. by looking after your skin now, will save you loads of time in the future...

Getting into good habits with a simple skincare routine that is right for your skin right now, means that your skin will thank you later by looking great and feeling great all the time!

Tell me more ...
Your skin is what protects your internal organs from the outside world and did you know that skin is the biggest organ in the body? It can cover an area of 2 square meters and accounts for about 15% of your body weight! The average person has about 300 million skin cells and they all need looking after ...

Why do I need a skincare routine?
A simple skin routine is a great habit to get into, throughout the day, your skin will produce oils, shed old skin cells, be in contact with pollution, dirt, bacteria so it is important to look after your skin to keep it looking its best so you don’t have to worry!


A simple SKWAD routine

1. Cleanse
Your skin is always busy renewing itself. Particularly because the skin on your face is always exposed to the environment, it is important to clean all the pollution, dirt and grime off your face before bed. At night, skin will still produce oil, so by washing your face in the morning, you reset your face for the day, leaving it clean and free of bacteria.
2. Toning
Once you have cleansed, a toner can be very useful to brighten skin and freshen – our toner contains gentle AHAs so will help if there is any bacteria left on your skin after washing and will help prevent spots.
3. Moisturise
Our skin protects us from the outside environment and it is important to maintain our skin barrier and keep it healthy, so by applying a moisturiser, we are not only nourishing our skin cells and keeping them supple, but we are applying a protective layer to keep our skin hydrated and protected.
4. Shaving
If you need to shave, then look no further than SKRAPE – you can use this right after your wash your face or just as a super cool face mask to leave your face feeling soft and fresh.
Our SKWAD products are designed to be effective but also quick and fun to use, we know you are all busy and want you to look and feel your best wherever you are!
Send us your pics of how you use SKWAD!

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